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About Stretch-n-Grow...

We love Ms. Christa and Strech-N- Grow!!! The kids and teachers get soooo excited when she pulls in.  Adding Strech N Grow to our week was one of the best things we've done for our kids!!! The kids have so much fun while they are learning to be fit, and it's not a chore to be healthy :-).  And us adults love it too!   -- Kristy Pittman,TLC Foundation Station

We love Mrs. Christa at TLC Foundation Station! She is so wonderful with our children and provides them with so many fun and exciting activities! She is so loving and helpful with our teachers and the rest of our staff! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!:) - Victorie Solomon

"Stretch-n-Grow has become an integral fitness program at our school. The kids and parents love it, and we're just delighted to see the little ones getting to exercise and learn while having fun!"
- Karen Jenkins

“Stretch-n-grow is an amazing program that brings our scholars fun and educational movement activities. Our coach brings energy, enthusiasm, and faith to the program and we love having her visit with us each week. Our tiny scholars look forward to each new and exciting activity that she leads. We also love that the fee affordable so we can continue to be blessed by the wonderful program that benefits  every child we serve.”
– Diedre, Grace Lutheran St. Petersburg
Our class just LOVES our weekly stretch n grow class! It is their favorite day of the week. They go so far as to even pretend to hold their own classes and fight over who gets to be Ms. Christa. Every day they ask if its Stretch N Grow day, and if we say no they are so disappointed! It is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested. It has been a lifesaver especially in these winter months when we can't always go outside and the children need to let off steam. I would give 5 stars and say it's a must do if you have the opportunity!                    Amanda Dusenbery

Listen, if you have a kids birthday party coming up, BOOK IT WITH STRETCH-N-GROW!!!! It was so wonderful just being able to sit back and relax and watch the kids have fun while the parents could catch up! The kids had so much fun!!!! Totally would do this again for my kids parties!!!                     Emily Gibson

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